June 12, 2010

New Addition - Yet to be named

Well great news,

Hope has been adopted!

So with Hope gone to her new home we decided it was time to get another kitten.

So here she is!

Adopted from HART here in Aylesford. www.valleyhart.com

She came with the name Morgaine, but Colin wasn't a fan of the name. Still trying to come up with a name!

June 6, 2010

The many faces of Rinaldo

The "Look what I got - aren't ya gonna come chase me?"

The "I dare you to try and grab it - are you fast enough!?"

The "HAPPY HAPPY - all attention to me!"

and the "HEY, what's that!?" look. (he was watching a bird fly by)

Pickles likes to garden

Today before the rain came I was helping to do some gardening. But I got confused .. which ones were weeds?! 
Here I am pretty stumped about the whole situation ... but in the end I got it all weeded!

Who dug this hole!?

I swear it wasn't me !!
Must have been Rinaldo, he likes to dig holes ...
but it wasn't me ... nope, I don't do that stuff!!

June 4, 2010

The couch is fixed!

Mom says the couch is fixed ... so we tested it out. YUP! Much better! ... wait ... what was wrong with it?
There was a man here fixing it but we weren't allowed to go see him because he was busy and mom said we would just pester him. She said he fixed the recliner on the couch ... whats a recliner?