March 29, 2009

Down By The River ....

So Sunday was a 14 degree beautiful day!!

We had already gone to the shore the day before, so Sunday we decided to hit up a river, Fales River in Greenwood it was!

There's a trail along there, a wooded area, and a huge field.
The crew LOVED it.

Needless to say, they were all VERY tired when we got home. Me too!!!! We had a busy weekend!

(sorry the pictures are backwards!!)

All smiles

We are thirsty

Can I come??

Down By The Shore ....

We headed to the Shore (Port George) Saturday afternoon. It was a beautiful 10 degree day, so a trip to the shore was in order!

Come on tubby, work those muscles! LOL

We found a buoy!

I'm Thirsty!

Oh YUCK!!!! Salty!!!!

Chloe was intrigued by the waves

March 27, 2009

Dog - Shar Pei with kitten/cats

I hear so many negative remarks about Shar Pei being non animal friendly, and how they can't get along with cats, and they are prey driven. Sure SOME might be that way, just like any dog if they haven't seen a cat before they AREN'T going to know how to act around one.

Well, hate to break it to you - but Chloe and Pickles DON'T eat cats.

Yes...I have had someone ask/tell me Shar Pei eat cats.

So I've decided I'd post all my dog/cat pictures! :) They all get along JUST fine.

Rinaldo when he was young and little

Dogs make great rubbing posts!

Part of the crew

Zonked out!

The three girls

Brenda loved to "nurse" from Chloe when Brenda was young.

Just chillin

Sharing treats

Chloe didn't mind sharing her bed ... even though Roxy took up the WHOLE thing as a kitten