March 18, 2009

Man leaves dog in hot car - fined $1500

Hay River man fined $1,500 for leaving dog in hot car

Last Updated: Tuesday, March 17, 2009 4:44 PM MT
CBC News

This golden retriever was left in a hot car in June 2006. The dog was later treated for heat exhaustion. (Edmonton Humane Society)
A man from Hay River, NWT, was fined $1,500 Tuesday for leaving his golden retriever in a hot car for 2½ hours in downtown Edmonton in June 2006.
Gregory McMeekin was found guilty Tuesday in provincial court in Edmonton of causing an animal to be in distress under Alberta's Animal Protection Act.
This is the first time someone has been convicted for leaving an animal in a hot vehicle under the province's Animal Protection Act for a charge laid by an animal protection officer with the Edmonton Humane Society, spokesperson Shawna Randolph said.
On June 7, 2006, officers from Edmonton Police and the Edmonton Humane Society responded to a complaint about a dog in a vehicle parked at meter at 103 Street and Jasper Avenue with temperatures in the 21 C range.
They found the 15-year-old dog, named Dreyfus, lying in its own urine and unable to stand, according to the news release.
The dog was taken from the vehicle and transported to the Humane Society, where it stayed for two days and was treated for heat exhaustion. It was then returned to its owner.
"It was released back into the care of the owner with the condition that that dog be taken to the veterinarian's [clinic] … the animal regularly visited, and he did go to the veterinarian's," Randolph said.
Animals being left in hot vehicles is a common problem in Edmonton during the summer. Animal protection officers respond to 10 to 15 calls a day in the months of July and August, Randolph said.
"Few people realize that when you do leave an animal in a hot vehicle in 20 degree weather and warmer, it does not take long for that vehicle to heat up," she said.
"It only takes about 10 minutes for the temperature inside that vehicle to increase to about 39 C and half an hour to increase to 49 C."
Randolph said she hopes the conviction in this case sets a precedent for similar incidents in the future.

Well that is a much bigger fine than the lady got for killing kittens.

This guy must not be on welfare.

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