January 26, 2010

Video of Chloe roller blading!

Today was a gorgeous day outside! 10 degrees!

So Chloe and I went roller blading.

Rinaldo and Pickles had to stay home (Leg & eye). They weren't impressed.

Here is the video of us roller blading ... it's so hard to roller blade and video tape at the same time ... have to watch and make sure she's actually in the video, then watch the road and make sure I'm not gonna hit something!

Enjoy :)

January 18, 2010

Rinaldo and his eye

Rinaldo has had an eventful week.

After his eye swelled up, and a week of putting drops from the vet in & still no relief in the swelling ... yesterday he was put under for an eye exploratory to see what was wrong with his eye.

I got the call yesterday from the vet that it is an ulcer. They did the surgery on him then. That consisted of scraping his eyeball and sewing his third eyelid over his eyelid.

But then when he woke up, he pulled his eye in and the third eyelid was attached to a piece of iv tube above his eye to keep it over his eyeball ... well the iv tube was now in the middle of his eye.

Today he had to go back and get put back under anesthesia to get the piece of tube put higher above his eye. Then in a week we go back for a recheck, then a week after that he goes back for more anesthesia to get the sutures removed.

Poor Rinaldo!

And that is a good lesson to NOT let any eye problems go unchecked. Had I said meh, the swelling and tearing will go away on its own ... I would have had a blind Rinaldo.

We were lucky and caught it really fast so he has no vision damage.

As for Pickles' saving jar for his leg surgery? Nearly drained.

Oh well, what can you do but just start saving up again. Better than having a blind Rinaldo that's for sure!

Here is Rinaldo on Monday ... you can see the IV tube is right in his eye instead of above it

Here is Rinaldo Tuesday, process redone, and you can see the IV tube is above his eye where it belongs so his eye can heal correctly.

January 17, 2010

Tired after a long walk ...

Today I took the dogs back to the trails on Tremont Mountain Rd. They love it there. There are usually other dogs to play with ... which is great for Rinaldo ... Chloe on the other hand would rather try to eat them then play.

So here are the pictures after we got home!

They sure are tired!!!

But wait a minute ... I only took two dogs on a walk, poor Pickles had to stay home because his leg is bad. Why is he so tired? It must have been super hard work staying at home and guarding the house! Which he wasn't doing ... because when we walked in the door, he was sleeping! What a lazy Pickle!

January 10, 2010

Shar Pei Beauty in Greenwood Nova Scotia

I am biased. I think Chloe is the most prettiest Shar Pei there is! Of course I am her mommy and should think that way :)

Here are some new pictures taken today, I took Rinaldo Mastador and Chloe Shar pei to the trails on Tremont Mountain Rd in Greenwood.

I love all three of my dogs, Chloe, Rinaldo, and Pickles ... but I have to say: Chloe is my favorite! But sssshhhhh! Don't tell Rinaldo or Pickles.

January 6, 2010

Baby - available for adoption in Ontario

Of course there are no Shar Pei available for adoption in NS ... but here is one available in Ontario. What a cutie ... I think he needs a more manly name though!

Here is a cute guy named Baby. He is available from the Ontario SPCA York Region Branch. Newmarket Ontario - Phone # - 905-898-7122, ext 306

"If I like you...Can I keep you?" I am secure and happy with myself, but...life is meant for two (or more)!! I certainly have my own views and ideas on things but I might be convinced to agree with you or follow your lead if you present a good case! Every day a can be like a fresh start, no baggage. There's a little magic in sharing a good laugh or a job done well with a friend. That's what I'm looking for. I'm hoping to find that special someone that will make me strive to better myself but not change who I am. Sure I have some things I can work on but doesn't everyone? I may have an irresistible face that lends one to want to "squish" it, but please don't display such embarrassing antics; I've got my dignity to uphold! I'm looking for a mature home that knows my breed. I'm good with other dogs and you can bet that once you grab my heart you'll have my loyalty for keeps. Come take some time to get to know me. Like I said .... If I like you, can I keep you!?!

January 5, 2010

Shar Pei available from CASPR

Just thought I would highlight the couple of Shar Pei available for adoption from the Canadian Association for Shar Pei rescue.


Tatum is a sweet friendly girl. Already spayed and up to date on shots.
She is approximately 3.5 years old. Although Tatum is great with kids and lived with a toddler she does not like
other dogs so would be best as an only pet.
If you have room in your heart and home for this easy keeper FILL OUT AN APPLICATION TO ADOPT today.
Tatum with thank you with love.


Hi, my name is Hunter. I was the victim of a hit and run.
I didn't see it coming cause I was so scared but when the car hit me, it broke my leg in 8 places. Shattered really.
I was lucky that the nice people from the OSPCA and the Police saw it happen and were able to get me to help right away. Unfortunately there was no choice but to remove my badly broken hind leg.
It was tough at first, and I was really scared. Now though, I'm doing great.
My bumps and bruises have healed and I'm getting around just fine on my three good legs.
I loved to be rubbed and patted and told I'm a good boy. I'm good with other dogs too.
If you have room in your life for a little tripod like me give me a chance.
I know I can be your best friend

Rhapsody needs your help!


Rhapsody was found wandering the streets of Texas City. If her owners don't come for her soon she will be in need of a new home. Will you give Rhapsody a chance? She does not like being in the shelter.

Good news! Merlin's Hope is helping Rhapsody! They just need to raise some more money to pay for flight to Canada. Can you help?

"Rhapsody in Blue was found wandering the streets of Texas City. She had no ID, no mircochip and no one came to claim her.

Many shelters can only hold dogs for limited amounts of time, and Rhapsody's time ran out. She is facing euthanasia if someone doesn't claim her immediately.The local rescues are full. MerlinsHope has offered her refuge with hopes that she can go on to a better life some where.

We are having her spayed, health checked and brought up to date with her shots. She will have to fly here by air.If you can help please support our Chip In for Rhapsody."

January 4, 2010

Luxating Patella ... some interesting and informative links

This was the dogs getting their Xmas treats when we got home to them. They were VERY happy to see us and happy to be back home.

I found out a few weeks ago that Pickles has a medial luxating patella. To correct it, he needs surgery costing over $1000. So I am saving up all my pennies for him to have the surgery, and be back to normal.

When I first found out what was going on I searched and searched the internet for more info, and here is a collection of those links.

This is another reason why you should buy from a reputable breeder rather than a puppy miller/backyard breeder. Pickles was a rescue, and we're pretty sure he came from a backyard breeder ... and his health issues are a pretty good tell tale sign. A reputable breeder would not breed two dogs if either had leg issues, if either had skin issues,if either had Shar Pei fever, etc ... but a backyard breeder has a male and female and lets see what we get type of attitude. Then they get their cash for their puppies and you get the heartache as you puppy grows and problem after problem occurs ... most genetic and preventable.

Here are those links!

Dr. Jeff Vidt has a section here on luxating patellas, I love the diagrams and pictures.

A site called Vet Surgery Central Inc has a section here about it, stating:
Surgery has approximately a 90% success rate
An article by Ron Hines DVM PhD located here goes into great detail about everything

Wikipedia has a bit of information here