April 9, 2010

New addition - Willow

Well we have added to the family!

Ever since Brenda went missing last summer I had always had it in the back of my head that she was going to come back. Then when I realized she wasn't, I started to want a kitten .. both for myself and for poor Roxy who lost her friend. But I thought it was just because I missed Brenda and waited for a while before I seriously considered it. I have to say, it was in the back of my head every few days.
So the boyfriend and I discussed it and now we have Willow!

Willow is so cute. She came from a home that had dogs so when she got here she wasn't scared of the dogs at all. She is very adventurous, bold, brave, and cuddly!

Here are some pictures of Willow :)

April 7, 2010

My Fur Kids

Got these cute pictures of my three fur babies and I. Even got the boyfriend in one of the pictures!

New Fence!

Finally the dogs have a fenced in yard now. We only got a cheap fence because we live in a PMQ on the base and won't be here long enough to bother putting up a nice, expensive fence. So we splurged the whole ... wait for it ... $150!

Yup it was pretty darn cheap. Only took a few hours to put up too. And we haven't had any escapees yet. They don't even bother to jump on the fence so that is good. We've had leashed dogs, loose dogs, kids, people all on the other side of the fence doing one thing or another and the dogs were VERY interested but no leaps and bounds over the fence! Yay!

So here are some pictures of the dogs enjoying their fun new yard!

Chase me Pickles!

Let's pick on Chloe!

Lazy Pickles

Of course we can stop playing for a second to get a treat!

Is Chloe still alive?

Rinaldo trying to catch a toy

I dare you to try and grab the ball ..

Princess Chloe needs her rest


Rinaldo's new buddy Jake

Rinaldo has a new best friend!
Jake was adopted from the Kings County SPCA by a friend of mine. Him and Rinaldo LOVE to play all the time.
Pickles and Chloe? Meh, they find Jake a little big and rough for them. Although Chloe likes to be quite BOSSY to poor Jake, and she is also the "too rough patrol" ... anything gets too rough and she is in there trying to break it up.

This is after playing with Jake. They get quite exhausted LOL!

Rinaldo and Jake carrying a stick together

We actually got them all to sit still for a picture ..

Pickles say .. umm ok maybe you can have the stick afterall ..

Chloe and Pickles aren't water dogs ... so they feel left out when Jake and Rinaldo hop into the water!