March 24, 2010

Update on Pickles

Well today was the day Pickles got his X rays done.

He does have luxating patella, in both legs. In his left it is way out of place, and in his right it is half way out of place.

Surgery? Nope.

Another complication ... he is pidgeon toed, so his lower leg bones curve! They are nowhere near straight! So the surgery would be very complicated where his bones aren't straight. It's doable but the success rate is very low. That and the fact that his legs aren't bothering him right now. The vet said that smaller dogs, some can live with their legs like that because their body adjusts and strengthens the muscles in the right places to make up for it. She thinks that his body has done this, and will do this for his other leg when it goes out completely.

So, her answer was that surgery would be a waste of time and money. Now that's a first - a vet not wanting money!!! Just kidding.

She also said either way he is going to have arthritis, and even with surgery he is still going to have at least one bad leg.

So I dunno if I am happy or sad he doesn't need surgery. Of course the big thing is that it saves money, but then you kind of wish it could just all get fixed up for good and not have to worry about the future.

March 17, 2010

Rinaldo's River Adventures

Here are some pictures of Rinaldo enjoying the river behind our house ... he sure is getting braver!!!

March 16, 2010

Aylesford Lake in March

The dogs enjoyed a trip the other day to Aylesford Lake!

Still lots of snow and ice there, but the dogs loved it! I was actually able to get a picture of them in front of the sign as well.

And today, while I had my car at the dealership, Chloe and I walked around Middleton! Then we found a trail from old train tracks and walked along there until we came to a bridge, but then we had to turn around because it was time to go back and pick up the car!

March 14, 2010

Practicing STAY

Well the three "hoodlums" (hehe!) have surprised me.

A couple days ago it was very sunny and warm out. I wanted to sit out on a lawn chair and read. The sun was on the front step and not the back step (we have a gate on the back deck to keep the dogs in) so instead of sitting on the front lawn alone I decided to give the dogs a chance to lay out on the front step on their beds.

First step was to put their beds out there (the step is concrete), and then take then out one at a time and hold them by the collar and tell them to lay down and stay. Rinaldo and Chloe loved the idea but Pickles wasn't so sure, so he went back inside (I just left the front door open so they could come and go as they wanted). But Chloe and Rinaldo layed there like very good dogs! They were puzzled at first why they weren't allowed off the top step but they soon relaxed and snoozed on and off.

Then came our first challenge. Mother and daughter walking by and pushing a stroller. I stopped reading, gave the dogs their stay command and watched them to make sure they did not run over and knock the poor child down. Of course both were very interested in the noise and watched intently. But surprisingly, both stayed where they were and did not even try to get off the step!

Eventually Pickles came out to join everyone, and only had to correct them a couple times throughout the day (once was Rinaldo ran down to the grass and I took him back to the step but then he ran to the back door... which is where they go to pee so I let him out and sure enough he had to pee so bad! LOL)

I even left the front yard to see if they would stay and sure enough stay they did! We even had joggers, more strollers, dogs going by, and even a loose dog in the yard and they didn't wander off the deck!

Anyways, that's my long winded post about how proud I am of my fur-kids hehe.

Next is to overcome Chloe's fear of new dogs, I think she is getting better though!

Dog Books

I need some suggestions for books! Specifically, dog books. I like the kind of books that talk about dogs, not just a story about a dog. So like different methods of training, about wolves and the connections to dogs, dog thoughts, etc!

My boyfriend is headed to Florida today with work for 5 days. LUCKY!!! So I want to get some books to pass the time so I'm not thinking about him gone the whole time.

Anyone have any suggestions?

March 8, 2010

March Sunshine

I got some half decent pictures of the dogs today in the 8 degree weather! It was a very nice day out.
Rinaldo's eye is healing well, had a recheck today and another on the 18th ... which is the same day I'm bringing Pickles in for a quote on surgery and to meet his new vet! And to also book a date for surgery.

Rinaldo the cone head.
"Mum , the sunshine is too bright!!

Pickles! What a cutie

Hello Pickler!

Action shot! I caught Chloe shaking :)

Looking pretty as usual!

March 1, 2010

Rinaldo's Entropion Surgery

Well today was the big day! Rinaldo's entropion surgery.

Everything went very well.

Here's the big guy recovering! Hopefully this is the end of whole eye mess!