March 24, 2010

Update on Pickles

Well today was the day Pickles got his X rays done.

He does have luxating patella, in both legs. In his left it is way out of place, and in his right it is half way out of place.

Surgery? Nope.

Another complication ... he is pidgeon toed, so his lower leg bones curve! They are nowhere near straight! So the surgery would be very complicated where his bones aren't straight. It's doable but the success rate is very low. That and the fact that his legs aren't bothering him right now. The vet said that smaller dogs, some can live with their legs like that because their body adjusts and strengthens the muscles in the right places to make up for it. She thinks that his body has done this, and will do this for his other leg when it goes out completely.

So, her answer was that surgery would be a waste of time and money. Now that's a first - a vet not wanting money!!! Just kidding.

She also said either way he is going to have arthritis, and even with surgery he is still going to have at least one bad leg.

So I dunno if I am happy or sad he doesn't need surgery. Of course the big thing is that it saves money, but then you kind of wish it could just all get fixed up for good and not have to worry about the future.


Lola said...

Hero's owner just posted about this condition on his blog. He said in his case a gentle massage seems to help. The post is here:

I hope Pickles doesn't have too much trouble with this condition, but it sounds like it's manageable.

T Moody Designs said...

Good that it sounds like its manageable!

LuLu and LoLLy! said...

Dear Rinaldo, We stopped by to wish you a good week, and got to get the newz on your legs. Well LuLu had to have her leg put back in last year, that was not fun. Well anyway, also, Rex, who is in the Big Dog Park in the Sky now, he had the floating patellas, and he learned to walk fine with it, probly due to the making the mussels stronger and stuff like you are going to do. Well Rinaldo we are glad you aren't herting rite now, but we know your human is sad and we are sad that she is sad. But we are happy that you have such a loving human and you are very lucky for that, and also, you are a truly outstanding canine and we have faith that your legs are going to do as good as possble! Love, your PaLs, LuLu and LoLLy