April 23, 2009

Deer in the Yard

Well the Crew and I are totally unpacked ... and settling in very nicely at the nice place.
Today there were three deer in the yard :)

Apparantly more come than just three. They were so cute, here is a video :) I got the video when they were leaving.

April 21, 2009

The Dockyard Cats Need Donations!

I absolutely love the work Pierre does!


Anyone willing or able to donate?
Here is the note he sent out ...

Good day every one,
I am almost out the door from the CF ( retirement ).
I will still feed the Dockyard Cats and managing the TNR Program in the Dockyard.
We still need dry food ( Kirkland dry food) at Costco and Friskie wetfood and blankets, litter.
I am in the Dockyard every morning 7 days a week.
I could pick up the food where ever you are...
I also collect recylebale cans and bottles.

My email at home iszorro@eastlink.ca
Cell # is 497-0577
I would like to thank all of you that help me in the past and future with the Dockyard cats.
Do not worry about them I will be taking care of them till the end.

Thank you again.

Pierre Filiatreault ( almost retired )

April 16, 2009

Seymor has a new home !

Well with the moving, internet goes down tomorrow ...

So thought I'd leave a quick note - Seymor is adopted!!!!

I just got home from doing the home visit and the meet and greet and it went EXTREMELY well!!!!

I couldn't be any happier about it!! They are like the PERFECT match!
He wasn't keen on leaving! But he will be back there in a couple days to start settling in :)

April 15, 2009

New Secretary for H.A.R.T

I am proud to say that I am the new Secretary for H.A.R.T !!


I love H.A.R.T and all the work that Laurie does ... she is AMAZING!
I adopted Brenda from them, and have supported everything they have done.

What Laurie does is not easy, but she does it VERY well! I admire her hard work and determination. Especially with the huge amount of stray cats that there are.

After adopting Brenda, Laurie and I kept in touch. She got many photos of little Brenda who now grew up to be Big Brenda!

The work she does reminds me so much of my cat Baby who sadly passed away not too long ago. Baby's story is here ... http://ilovesharpei.blogspot.com/2009/02/rip-baby.html

I had to catch her, and after catching her, found out she was pregnant and she had kittens under my bed. Had it not been for me ... she would have had those kittens under the old building and it would have continued on.

Anyways, I am HAPPY HAPPY I can do this for Laurie! :)

Aylesford Lake

My pooches say: "Aylesford Lake ROCKS!" ... only when it's people free though! Soon it will be crammed with people.

April 14, 2009

Chloe is moving! Kingston to Kentville ...


We have been busy packing, etc and the big move day is on Saturday!
So it's a safe bet we won't have anything up for a bit.

So now we no longer are in Kingston, but Kentville!
We will have to get lots of pictures of the new doggie spots!

We also will have a doggie and kitty roommate! They are so much fun. Ernie and Cooper.
I am sure I will get lots of pictures of them all together - Causing great mischief!

I know my pooches will be sad to move away from the atv trail in the woods that is across the street ... and the river. I will have to take them on an extra long journey through there before we leave. Same as Cape and Sand. We will be sad to be leaving.

Hopefully we will be able to return to this lovely area!! It is a great place.

Wish us luck with the move! Chloe doesn't have much faith in my U Haul driving skills LOL...I've driven one before though so I have PLENTY of faith in my skills!
These are our new friends! Ernie the dog and Copper the kitty!

April 13, 2009

Walk your dog - OR else!!!

What happens if your sick? Injured?


Spanish told: walk your dog or face 400 euro fine

Dog owners in the Spanish city of Girona have been told they must walk their animals for at least 20 minutes a day or face fines of up to 400 euros (£360).

By Fiona Govan in Madrid Last Updated: 3:25PM BST 13 Apr 2009
Authorities in the northeastern city are introducing the new bylaw in a bid to strengthen animal protection laws.

The new regulations are also designed to cut down on the number of neighbourly disputes by fining those who leave their dogs alone at home to bark for hours. Last year the city recorded more than 300 cases of residents complaining about their neighbours' treatment of pets.

Fines will be issued to those who leave their dogs tied up for more than six hours a day or keep them in cramped conditions for prolonged periods.

But those who allow their dogs off the leash or to bathe in public fountains, ponds or streams could also be fined up to 500 euros. The feeding of stray dogs and cats in the street could bring a fine of up to 150 euros.

Although the new regulations have been branded "absurd" by some animal lovers in the Catalan city, authorities claim the fines will only be imposed in the case of disputes.

"We are not going to be going from house to house to enforce these rules," said Enric Pardo, city councillor for the environment. "But we now have the means to penalise owners who are found negligent following a complaint from a neighbour."

The new law will also allow authorities to issue fines up to 2000 euros to those owners who fail to obtain the correct license for keeping "dangerous breeds" and for taking them out in public without a muzzle.

April 10, 2009

Gail Benoit - Pupper Broker - gets 21 days in jail & fines

Better than nothing I guess? Hopefully a lifetime ban will come along at the next hearing!

Puppy broker faints at prospect of going to jail

Yarmouth Bureau
Fri. Apr 10 - 6:03 AM

Gail Benoit, right, will spend the next 21 days in jail for resisting arrest during the 2007 seizure of 10 puppies from the Digby County puppy broker’s home. Her sentence angered partner Dana Bailey, above. He was hustled out of Digby provincial court Thursday after he began yelling profanities and threats. ’How could you do that? This is not fair,’ he shouted to Judge Jean-Louis Batiot. (Brian Medel / Yarmouth Bureau)

DIGBY — Gail Benoit, a Digby County woman accused of selling sick and dying puppies, slumped to the floor in Digby provincial court Thursday after she was sentenced to 21 days behind bars for resisting arrest.

Upon hearing Judge Jean-Louis Batiot say that she was headed to jail, Ms. Benoit glanced quickly to her right, then fell, rather slowly, to the floor.

Some in the audience laughed while others smiled as they watched two sheriff’s deputies try to help the woman.

The court recessed, and as Judge Batiot left the bench, Ms. Benoit’s husband began to shout profanities and threats, saying his wife sometimes chokes.

"If my wife chokes in that jail, you fellas are going to be held responsible," Dana Bailey hollered, at one point addressing his remarks to "Mr. Batiot."

"How could you do that? This is not fair," he yelled at the judge.

Police and sheriff’s officers hustled Mr. Bailey out of the courtroom, pushed him out the front door of the courthouse and told him to move along. His wife, who had recovered by then, was then led away to jail.

In the fall of 2007, a search warrant was executed and 10 puppies seized from the couple’s home near Digby.

After a trial late last year, Ms. Benoit and Mr. Bailey were convicted on Jan. 29 of animal cruelty and each was fined $1,500 on Thursday. Ms. Benoit was also convicted of resisting arrest, for which she was jailed Thursday, and assaulting an SPCA special constable, for which she was handed a suspended sentence.

Crown attorney Rosalind Michie said Thursday that Ms. Benoit and Mr. Bailey have sold as many as 30,000 dogs in the past 13 years, sometimes selling 200 in a month.

Some people who have bought puppies from Ms. Benoit have complained to the provincial SPCA that the dogs soon died.

Ms. Michie also told the court that this is Ms. Benoit’s third conviction since 1994 for assaulting a peace officer.

"The Crown takes that very seriously," she told Judge Batiot.

She said Ms. Benoit and Mr. Bailey, who called themselves puppy brokers during their trial last year, have never accepted responsibility for their actions.

"All along, nothing has ever been their fault," Ms. Michie said. "There is no expression of any remorse."

The prosecutor said after court that she "would have liked to have seen a prohibition of (owning) animals" placed on the couple. But she said that under the Animal Cruelty Prevention Act, ownership of an abused or neglected animal is required for such a ban to be implemented, and it was determined during last year’s trial that the puppies weren’t owned by the couple but were merely possessed for the purpose of selling them.

Defence lawyer Michael Power said the level of neglect of the puppies was rather low. Although the animal cruelty charges dealt with 10 dogs, he said there is evidence that hundreds of dogs have passed through his clients’ care, the majority without complaint.

Mr. Power said Mr. Bailey, who turns 47 next week, is disabled and receives $869 a month from the Workers’ Compensation Board. Ms. Benoit, 39, also is disabled, the lawyer said, and gets $830 a month.

"They are not bad people. They are business people," Mr. Power said.

He said their puppy brokerage has been hurt by negative publicity.

"The business is basically in limbo now," he said.

Mr. Power also told the court that his clients sometimes speak their minds too freely in public.
"They blurt things out," he said.

"I’ve admonished them . . . I’ve told them to quiet down those emotions. But they do become emotional."

Ms. Benoit and Mr. Bailey must also pay $2,478 in restitution for care and treatment of the sick puppies, and Ms. Benoit will be on probation for 18 months.

April 9, 2009

We got our package from LuLu and Lolly!!

Well, the package came in the mail the other day :) We got our calanders and t-shirt ... that Chloe decided to order !

I laughed and laughed over the calander!!!
I had to go out for a bit ... and came home to Chloe laughing over the calander -WITH the tshirt on!!!!

So I just had to snap a few pictures of her showing off the cute shirt!!

April 8, 2009

Chloe Jumps!

Did Chloe make the jump? Or did she get a face full of muddy water? LOL

April 7, 2009

Chloe Goes Into The Water!!!

Chloe isn't a water lover so this SHOCKED me lol

Five random things about Chloe, Rinaldo, and Pickles!

We've been tagged by the Splorin' Wolfies! We need to list 5 random things about ourselves :)


1. I am very lazy and like to sleep in ... usually my mom has to drag me out the door in the morning to go pee.

2. I am a picky eater, and like to get my Mom worried by not eating - sometimes two days at a time, I try telling her I am regulating my weight but she worries too much.

3. I hate getting my nails cut. As a puppy I screeched and screamed when this was done ... then I was a good girl about it. But now I am going back to my screechy ways about it. I am a big girl now & I like having nice long nails ... Mom doesn't like that though.

4. I have an obsession over hair elastics. Brenda and Roxy (my kitty sisters) love to carry them in their mouths and bat at them, so one day I checked out what it was and OMG they are so much FUN!!! I love to hold it in my paw and pull up with my mouth, but you have to be careful you don't let go because it HURTS when it pings your nose/mouth - I still love them even though they can be hurtful!

5. I don't like to cuddle. Sometimes I will tolerate it a little, but usually I'd rather not.


1. I may look like a boucy, energetic lab, but really with that tiny bit of mastiff in me, I am VERY calm, laid back, and a big love muffin.

2. My mom got me when I was 5 weeks old, she says I was too young to leave my dog mommy then ... but Chloe helped to teach me the proper things as I grew up :)

3. I love the water, and have already fallen into a few rivers.

4. I get bossed around. If Pickles gets greedy and wants the toy, I give up easy and just let him have it.

5. When my mom got me @ 5 weeks old I was 8 -9 pounds ... so small! Now at 4 1/5 months I weigh 41 lbs!


1. Before I was 11 - 12 weeks old I had 3 different homes. My forever home here with Chloe, Rinaldo, and the kitties is my 4th and final home.

2. I hate the rain/snow/cold. Mom has to work hard to get me outside in that type of weather!

3. I might look black, but really I have brown fur on my underside/legs. This makes me that much more good looking!

4. I am the CUDDLE KING! If you'll let me in your lap, I'll be in heaven!!

5. I like to be bossy and tell everyone what to do. Also you should give me all your treats and toys. They're all MINE! Mom says this isn't allowed, but meh, who listens to their Mom?

April 5, 2009

Seymor is settling in ...

The new foster, Seymor, is settling in very nicely.

He is a very happy boy, almost always wagging his tail!

I thought I'd share some new pictures of the whole crew.

April 2, 2009

Shar Pei from Moncton SPCA

The new arrival is faring well.

He did well on the 4 hour trip. Spent most of our 2 hour drive staring at me LOL.

He's in pretty rough shape, but I'm sure with some TLC he will start to shine through :)

He is SO good natured. Very loving and friendly. Has a hard time eating because his top teeth go over his bottom lip. His eyes are quite red and I imagine he will need entropian surgery. Skin is bald and patchy but he isn't itchy so it may be from a lack of a good food.
He was found in Salisbury running along a highway, likely dumped because of his skin issues. He was at the Moncton SPCA for 2 - 3 weeks.

For now he is seperate from my dogs until his vet appt tomorrow just to be on the safe side.

He also doesn't mind cats. Brenda was of course using him as a rubbing post and he didn't care at all.

Here are some pictures!

April 1, 2009

Shar Pei in Moncton SPCA

Found out about this boy tonight. Andrea from Canadian Association of Shar Pei Rescue contacted me about him to see if I could go get him. He has some skin issues. And doesn't have much time left. We don't know much else.

Hopefully I will be able to go get him tomorrow or the next day.