May 28, 2010

Free dog food and treats

Anyone want a coupon for free Natural Defense 3 kg dog food and a package of 7 treats? 

I found these online today and used them at the Sobeys in Greenwood to get my free food (value of $13.99) and treats (value of $6.99). I'm not sure what other stores sell this food.

Here are the links to the coupons:

Food is HERE

Treats are HERE

Beautiful Hope

Some cute pictures of the cute foster Hope!

May 27, 2010

Does your Shar Pei purr?

I have to laugh at Chloe ...

Every time she is relaxed or comfy when you are rubbing her belly or neck, she purrs. Ok, so it isn't a real purr like a cat. But it sounds like one! But really it's just her really relaxed and breathing like she snores.

Anyone else's Pei purr!?

In Memory ...

These pets are gone, but never forgotten. 


The addition of Willow to our family: HERE

The story on how Willow died: HERE


Brenda as a kitten: HERE

I never realized. But when Brenda went missing I never made a blog post about it. 
But that is what happened. She was there in the yard with us one afternoon and never came back in ... I was so upset and spent so much time looking for her. 
It took me awhile to come to terms with it .. to realize that she wasn't coming back. I miss her still to this day.


Baby's story is HERE

Changing things up ..

Changed the blog around ... updated it, modernized it ... I guess you could call it that?


Join us on Facebook's NS Shar Pei Group!

Anyone from Nova Scotia who owns a Shar Pei is invited to the Facebook group!!
CLICK HERE for the group!
Everyone is welcome to join!

Faces of FSF and Amyloidosis Project

Please take a moment to see all the faces who are or have been affected by FSF and/or Amyloidosis.
Unfortunately this is becoming more common in the breed.

Thanks to Jan for all her hard work!


Here are some pictures of the Crew and I.

Rinaldo - lab/mastiff mix
DOB: Nov. 25th, 2008
Favorite activity: Roller blading
Favorite Treat: hot dogs & sardines

Pickles - Shar Pei
DOB: Beginning of Nov ish, 2008
Favorite activity: Sleeping/cuddling
Favorite Treat: cheese & marrow bones

Chloe - Shar Pei
DOB: Dec. 3rd, 2007
Favorite activity: Sun bathing
Favorite Treat: hot dogs & chicken

Me & my furkids

DOB: Spring 2008
Favorite activity: Snoozing
Favorite Treat: Temptations & milk

Me, Me, Me!

Well I figure I should write a little bit about myself.

You hear all about my dogs & fosters, now I guess it is my turn.

I grew up in Nova Scotia, live in Greenwood. My boyfriend is in the military.

I went to school at NSCC COGS for a year and a half. Took GIS Technician course & did half a year on Land Planning. Wasn't thrilled with Planning so took a job at Kings County as a GIS Tech. I've had a few jobs as a GIS Tech .. it's good money, decent employers. But I found it boring. That and the fact that there are rarely any GIS jobs in the Valley.

I am owned by three dogs and one cat. Chloe I bought from a breeder in Ontario. Pickles was a rescue from New Brunswick whom I fell in love with and decided to keep, and Rinaldo (came before Pickles) I got as a companion to Chloe and I felt two dogs would be a lot of fun. So now I have three!

I wouldn't change that for the world. I love them all and they are great dogs!

I foster Shar Pei and other dogs besides Shar Pei. I love fostering. Some people think it would be hard not to get attached and sad to see them go, which it is. BUT ... in the end when you get the pictures and happy stories from the dogs new family, it's great. Very rewarding.

Things I like to do with the dogs? We love to roller blade. Love to go to lakes, beaches, fields, woods. Love going to doggie socials and playdates, car rides are a must every so often.

That's pretty much everything about me ...

May 25, 2010

Adopt Me?

Pretty please with a cherry on top!

I am available from Atlantic Small Dog Rescue (, and here is my Petfinder listing!

The wrinkle dogs here and Rinaldo LOVE having me here, but know that I am only here for a short time. I take a little bit of time to bond but it is a deep bond so they don't want me to get too attached to everyone here!

May 22, 2010

Silvia Jay

We just had a session with Silvia Jay ( and it was awesome!

She came up to meet Hope and assess her. But I made sure to ask LOTS of questions about my own dogs as well. Just little tips for them (like Chloe's dog aggression, Rinaldo's ME ME ME attitude LOL, and why Hope hadn't warmed up to Pickles).

Right away I have started doing the things Silvia has suggested.

I could go on and on and on about the different things Silvia said ...

May 21, 2010

Hope's Progression

It was one week ago that I met Hope in Kentville after her trip from Inverness. And BOY has she progressed so much!

She is such a sweetheart and so laid back.

She has started getting relaxing and getting used to a home life. No more counter surfing, not as much timidness.

We actually got her on our bed yesterday ... we've been trying all week but all she would do when you try to coax her on the bed was lay her head on the bed and lick you and then give up and just lay down on the dog bed she was sitting on. Well yesterday I was able to run with her (holding her collar) and run onto the bed and so did she! But as soon as she was on the bed she dropped down (looked very uncomfortable) and shut down. So then we patted and patted and gave treats and she started to relax on the bed. She wouldn't move around on it but she would move her head up to see us which was a big improvement.

I also trimmed her nails. I use a dremel to do nail trimmings, so I took things really slow around her so she wasn't scared of it. She let me do her back feet perfect but then by the time I got to the front she started getting antsy, so I called it a day, and meant to try later that day but forgot. Will have to do that today!

We also learned that besides the food aggression she also guards her bed. This must come from her days living alone. I guess if there was a really good dry place to sleep she wasn't gonna let another stray steal it from her. Makes sense. She also won't go anywhere near any of the dogs when they are laying on a dog bed. She must think they want to guard it too.

She absolutely loves walks! She gets so excited about them. I swear, she is learning things from the dogs. She sees Rinaldo get all excited and making noises and she does the same thing! She is awesome on walks, no pulling, just walk beside your side.

She also gets really excited when we get home from being out. We gate her into the kitchen, and the other three have free roam of the house when we are out. Well we get home and they're all going bananas! Even Hope! We left her last night for almost 4 hours (the weekend before we left her for 3, and times before that half hour, hour, etc and worked our way up), and got home to Hope snuggling with the dogs. Yup, she jumped the gate LOL! Must have gotten lonely I guess.

The one thing about her that I am not used to is when she barks. We have woods behind us with a big sand pit that people walk through usually they have dogs. And BOY, when we are sitting on the back deck ... and she sees someone walking ... it's such a loud bark! She usually only barks once or twice, but still. I am used to dogs who don't even bark when someone comes to the door, so when Hope barks do I ever JUMP!

Overall she is settling in well. She is such a great dog ... she will make someone an awesome companion that's for sure!

I like to cross my paws.

Group shot!

May 16, 2010

RIP Willow

We had a tragic accident happen on Saturday (my birthday).

I had gated Hope off into the kitchen and was pouring her food when Willow jumped the gate and ran up to the dish. It all happened in seconds. Next thing I knew Willow was flipping around on the floor like a fish out of water and blood spraying out of her nose.

I grabbed her, we ran to the car and called the vet (they were closed) to let them know we were on our way (they are only 2 minutes away). The drive over I was holding Willow while the vet was giving me instructions. We got to the parking lot and Willow went limp. What color is her mouth? Pinch her toes really hard. Blow on her eye and see if she will blink.

She responded to none of that. Willow was dead.

It wouldn't have mattered anyways ... the vet said she was half hour away so even if she did make it to the vets we would have had to wait a half hour.

I miss Willow like crazy. Everything around the house reminds me of her. She was the best kitten ever! She had such a spunky attitude, loved the dogs, loved to cuddle, and loved Roxy. Roxy loved her too.

We buried Willow out back, and I am going to plant some flowers there.

The worst part was coming home and having to clean the blood off the floor and walls. It was splattered everywhere. Even now I still find the odd spot of blood that we missed, and it sends me into tears.

We don't blame Hope at all. She has been living on her own the past two years. She never knows when her next meal might be, and thought Willow was going to take it. It was weird though because when she first got her I checked her to see if she was food aggressive. She was fine with me near her food, the dogs even were near her food, and even our older cat Roxy has been semi near her when she was eating and nothing. Not a peep. I have no idea what set Hope off this one time. But it is definitely not her fault.

RIP Willow. I wish I had of been able to say goodbye. Instead I was on the phone with the vet freaking out. Then you went limp. And it was too late. You were gone.

My heart aches for you Willow. I would give the world to have you back. You were the best kitten ever. So special, so cool, so loving. I wish you could have lived longer. Finish growing up. Experience many different things that you didn't have a chance to yet.

Sometimes I still expect her to come around the corner, to run up onto the bed at night to cuddle, to hear her "nursing" off Chloe and her loud purr.

I think that was the worst birthday ever.

May 15, 2010

Happy Birthday to ME!

Did I mention it is my birthday today?

Ah who cares! Hope is here!!

She has settled in well. Slept all night in the same doggie bed, woke up and had a little bite to eat.
She went from avoiding the dogs to PLAYING with Rinaldo! They had a blast! She still doesn't want much to do with Pickles or Chloe.

Learned last night that she likes to counter surf! Oops, hehe.

She also ignores the cats which is a huge plus!

I gave her a bath today and she is back to being clean! Wow was she ever dirty!

Here is Hope's Petfinder page :)

May 13, 2010

The New Foster!

Look at this gorgeous girl.

She has been living on her own for the past two years and was found under a trailer with two pups (who have since found homes). Right now I was told she is in a warehouse being fed by guys there but she has to go by Friday. Tomorrow!

So I talked it over with Colin and we agreed we would foster her :)

She is in Inverness, and Antigonish SPCA is transporting her our way. They are also helping with costs.

She arrives tomorrow around supper time! I will have updated pictures once she settles in :)

May 9, 2010

Painting the Q!

My bf and I live in a PMQ on the base here in Greenwood. When we moved in the walls are all white and if you want to paint it you have to paint it back to white before you move out.
So not know if we were going to buy a house, if he was going to get posted or whatever ... we didn't paint the walls.
We lived with the white walls for almost a year before we decided to paint!
And I can say it is WELL worth it! We both love it and it feels so much better in here now with colour!

We went with a light blue in the bathroom, and we had a lot left over (we only have a tiny bathroom) so we did our bedroom in the same colour! I was skeptical it would look good at first but afterwards it did turn out well. We did the hallway a beige, the kitchen a red, and the living room green!
Here are some before and afters of the living room and kitchen (bathroom, hallway, and one bedroom were hard to get good pictures of):

Are you hungry?

I am!!!

Here is Rinaldo and his best friend Jake! We (Chloe, Rinaldo, Pickles, Jake & his owner) spent some time at Aylesford Lake today!

It sure was fun, but by the end of it everyone was tired and hungry!

Happy Mothers Day Chloe!

Ok ... so Chloe doesn't have any children of her own. BUT, she does make an awesome kitty pretend mommy!
You can see the wet spot on her leg from where Willow had been "nursing" ... Chloe just lets her do it, and then Willow falls asleep curled up with Chloe. It is too cute!
Willow also "nurses" on Pickles. However, Rinaldo doesn't allow it. He gives her a polite growl and Willow takes the hint!

May 2, 2010


Here are some pictures of the Pickler!

He isn't looking the greatest right now because of allergies, so keep that in mind.


Pictures of my beautiful Chloe!


I heard something ..



I haven't added any new pictures lately.
So here they are ... more to come of Chloe, Pickles & the kittys!