May 27, 2010

Me, Me, Me!

Well I figure I should write a little bit about myself.

You hear all about my dogs & fosters, now I guess it is my turn.

I grew up in Nova Scotia, live in Greenwood. My boyfriend is in the military.

I went to school at NSCC COGS for a year and a half. Took GIS Technician course & did half a year on Land Planning. Wasn't thrilled with Planning so took a job at Kings County as a GIS Tech. I've had a few jobs as a GIS Tech .. it's good money, decent employers. But I found it boring. That and the fact that there are rarely any GIS jobs in the Valley.

I am owned by three dogs and one cat. Chloe I bought from a breeder in Ontario. Pickles was a rescue from New Brunswick whom I fell in love with and decided to keep, and Rinaldo (came before Pickles) I got as a companion to Chloe and I felt two dogs would be a lot of fun. So now I have three!

I wouldn't change that for the world. I love them all and they are great dogs!

I foster Shar Pei and other dogs besides Shar Pei. I love fostering. Some people think it would be hard not to get attached and sad to see them go, which it is. BUT ... in the end when you get the pictures and happy stories from the dogs new family, it's great. Very rewarding.

Things I like to do with the dogs? We love to roller blade. Love to go to lakes, beaches, fields, woods. Love going to doggie socials and playdates, car rides are a must every so often.

That's pretty much everything about me ...

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