February 26, 2011

Winter winter, Go away ...

Chloe has a fever on Monday. Long story short, it's gone now and she's back to normal - YAY! Had to go to the vet everyday for fluids and dipyrone while she had the fever, went every day after that for fluids and also had her on cerenia because she lost her appetite. But, thankfully, she seems to be getting back to normal now, and hopefully the fever episodes will stay away. 

Here's some pictures!

February 14, 2011

Happy GOT day Chloe!

Three years ago today, Chloe arrived at the airport.

Here are some pictures from three years ago.

February 7, 2011

Chloe's a sleepy head!

Chloe likes to sleep in! 

If we don't wake her up she will sleep until 11 ish. So when I am leaving for work at 7:30 am ... trying to get her out of bed at 7, fed, pilled, and out to pee is a chore!

Here are some pictures of a morning where she got to sleep in, but around 10ish I started waking her up ... here's what she does:

Mommmm ... stop poking me!


 I'm still half asleep ...

 Yawning a lot!

 Every Pei has to do their morning stretches!

 More yawning ..

 I'm just going to rest my head for a couple more seconds. ..

 Alright Sophie ... I'm awake!

February 2, 2011

Snow storm!

It's snowing. Lots of snow. 

Chloe had a fever Sunday and Monday. We had to take her to the vet both days and put her on IV and they gave her Dipyrone. Sunday overnight she stayed at the vet on IV, and Monday she stayed at the vet on IV. Came home Monday around supper, was home for maybe an hour and another fever. Back to the vet we go for some Dipyrone. Fever went away in a couple hours. Tuesday she wasn't really herself. Lethargic, no appetite. Today she seemed interested in food but wasn't allowed to eat because today was blood work day. 

Well we got blood work done and yay she gets to eat! And eat she did do. She seems to be getting better and better, slowly gaining her strength back. 

Blood work also turned out awesome! (considering she just had 2 fevers)

Here are some pictures from the storm. These were on CFB Greenwood, and they say we have/are getting 30-40 cm of snow, or more. Lots of snow!!

Pickles and Chloe aren't too fond of snow, but Rinaldo is!!

It's Rinaldo!

 Look what I got from the vet! February is pet dental month!

I love my new bandana!

Pickles out in the snow


 Mmmm, snow!

Sophie checking out snow!

Hey Rinaldo!

 Chloe enjoys snow!

Pei cuddles with Dad!

 The crew


 Wheeee ... snow!


Rinaldo and Colin


 Chloe's not impressed

 Had to dig out the fence!

Deep snow!

 How can Pickles get to Rinaldo without going in the snow?

 Rinaldo's a fool!

Hey Pickler!