February 9, 2011

New Photos - Enjoy!


The 'splorin' Wolfies said...

they look fantastic but Chloe looks WONDERFUL!!!! how is she doing? you must be overjoyed!!

melgeo126 said...

She is doing awesome! Just trying to keep any fevers away and keep her on her vitamins/supplements/pills :)
She has bounced back to her normal self now, actually more energy and personality then before she was very sick.
We are very very happy! She has come a long way, and is a fighter. She never gave up, nor did we. Her vet, Dr. Speelman called it a miracle. She was on deaths doorstep ... very awful state and nothing seemed to be working. We were a day away from considering euthanasia to end her suffering, but she started to perk up and just went from there.
It definitely makes you cherish the little moments so much more. Every little yawn, zoomies, stretch, snoring, hyper times, playing with toys, even eating!
Chloe's a tough chickie <3