February 28, 2010

Turkey Necks

Here are some pictures of the dogs enjoying some turkey necks. I used to feed raw but stopped awhile back, but when Bowlby's closed down here a couple weeks ago and had amazing sales I couldn't resist. They loved them! (and they were 50% off!). The dogs miss Bowlby's because now there are no more marrow bones :( Superstore and Sobeys sell them but for triple the price.

Pickles has to eat his in this ball because if not he just gobbles it up WAY too fast! He usually just stays wherever I lay it down.

Chloe hides out on the stairs while she chomps hers.

Pickles again with someone who also wants some - Roxy!

Rinaldo always goes to the bed or by the front door to chomp his. YUM YUM!

Spring is coming!

There is a light at the end of the tunnel!

Yesterday, Chloe and Rinaldo came with me for a roller blade. They loved it! I could tell they missed it from last fall. And they sure were beat afterwards!!! I looked on Mapquest.com and figured out we went about 12 km!!

No wonder they were tired!

Pickles and Chloe love cat toys .. here they are trying to catch one

Chloe being hyper catching the cat toy

You can see Rinaldo's eyelid that is rolled in. Wish him luck because Monday he goes in for Entropion surgery!

This is the dogs bed. Yup. They have their own bed - and they LOVE it!

Chloe trying to catch a cat toy again, she is silly!

February 23, 2010


Well ... the one dog out of three that I never ever expected to have entropion is Rinaldo, and bingo ... that's who has it.

He now needs to have surgery on his lower eyelid to fix it. Chloe has had the surgery before ... Pickles has wide open and clear eyes and has never had a problem with them, knock on wood.

So again, I have to postpone Pickles' leg surgery to pay for this $400 eye surgery. After spending between $800-900 in the past month and a half on Rinaldo's damn eye problems.

So right now his entropion surgery is tentatively scheduled for March 1st. Myself being unemployed & on EI ... he sure did pick the best time eh! ... not. Oh well, what can you do ... maybe the Shar Pei are rubbing off on Rinaldo and that's why his lower eyelid rolled in LOL!!

Here is a video of smarty pants Rinaldo "speaking". He is so smart :)

February 17, 2010

February 15, 2010

Ch Chaoyang Chick Magnet At Asia wins group 2nd!!

Ch Chaoyang Chick Magnet At Asia (Chloe's brother) won 2nd in group at westminster tonight!!!!!

Congrats to all, and we are some proud!!

Westminster Dog Show 2010

We looked online and Chloe's brother(Ch Chaoyang Chick Magnet At Asia ) won BOB at Westminster! That means he will be on tv tonight!!

We will be sitting here watching him and cheering! Go Magnum Go!

February 11, 2010

Chloe and Roxy

I took this video a couple months ago ...

Roxy is our cat, and Chloe, well everyone knows Chloe!

Cute cat cuddles!

February 10, 2010

Cutaneous Mucinosis

I just found out Chloe has cutaneous mucinosis. I saw the spot on her leg and investigated, she has the bubbles on her legs and neck. The two front legs seem to be the only ones that are opening. I've included a video of Chloe and shows a close up of the affected areas. Also I've included some links with info on CM.

(oh and that burp in the middle of the video ... that was Rinaldo, what a pig eh! LOL)

Dr Vidt has a lot of info on it HERE

and this website seem to have some good info HERE

and now some snow pictures of Rinaldo!

My three Fur Kids playing in the snow!!

February 9, 2010

Shar Pei Fun in the Snow!

Some pictures of Chloe and Pickles having fun in the snow ... Rinaldo had to sit inside while he still heals and has a cone on. Leash ONLY for him, poor guy.

Chloe sitting all proud. She says see that yellow pmq behind me? That's our house!!

Two Shar Pei buddies!

Run Chloe Run!

Trudging through the snow

Hi Pickles! Having fun?

February 2, 2010

Pickles loves watermelon

Look at dear Pickles eating some watermelon ... look how silly he is with his eyes shut. He is always doing that whenever you feed him something.

Yum yum watermelon!

In other news, Rinaldo goes today to get the sutures out of his eye. Finally back to two eyes instead of one!! Lets hope it has healed properly!