February 28, 2010

Turkey Necks

Here are some pictures of the dogs enjoying some turkey necks. I used to feed raw but stopped awhile back, but when Bowlby's closed down here a couple weeks ago and had amazing sales I couldn't resist. They loved them! (and they were 50% off!). The dogs miss Bowlby's because now there are no more marrow bones :( Superstore and Sobeys sell them but for triple the price.

Pickles has to eat his in this ball because if not he just gobbles it up WAY too fast! He usually just stays wherever I lay it down.

Chloe hides out on the stairs while she chomps hers.

Pickles again with someone who also wants some - Roxy!

Rinaldo always goes to the bed or by the front door to chomp his. YUM YUM!


T Moody Designs said...

My dogs love turkey necks.

Chloe and Libby said...

My gang has never had them but I'm quite positive all but my Chloe would devour them way too fast as well. She's quite picky. If she doesn't like how something feels in her mouth it takes her forever to eat it.