October 13, 2010


Seymour is back.

He will be up for adoption after he is all fixed up. Here is a picture of the poor guy.

We are accepting donations for him, to help with his vet bills. So far almost $200 has been raised!!!! THANK YOU to everyone who has donated so far. If anyone would like to donate, donations can be made by credit card directly to the Greenwood Animal Hospital 


First step is to get him neutered. Which he already has scheduled for November. 

(copied from Facebook) http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=439338081142

Seymour needs your help. October 18th 2010, Seymour goes into the vet (Greenwood Animal Hospital) to get neutered.
He is asking if anyone has any spare change to help out with his vet costs.
Good ol' Seymour got out the calculator and calculated that if 20 friends sent $20 that his vet costs would be covered - Yay!!
But he also knows $20 is a lot of money, so he thinks any amount anyone is able to donate toward the cause would be greatly appreciated!!
Now, onto Seymour's story ...
Seymour came from the Moncton SPCA. He was found in Salisbury NB running along a highway. He was probably dumped because of his skin issues.He is a great dog, very happy and friendly. Does have some skin problems, and has trouble eating because his top teeth go over his bottom lip. He had been at the Moncton SPCA 2 or 3 weeks, the shelter was very overcrowded (88 dogs), so with his skin he was probably one of the least wanted dogs. Thus he didn't have too much time left. But we saved him. The Canadian Association of Shar Pei Rescue already had a waiting list of adopters so adoption was no problem.
Seymour went to his new home on April 18th 2009, after everything checked out for the potential adopted (home visit, vet reference, personal references). He went out on a neuter contract, as he also should have had surgery on his mouth where his lip is curled over his bottom teeth.
There he lived happily until recently. His owner took a new job where Seymour was living in a truck during the day, and not really being able to enjoy life in a home. The owner knew he couldn't keep him in the truck over winter, and thus had to face the hard realization that Seymour had to find a new home. 
So here we are today, Seymour is back with me, NOT neutered, and having some troubles with his skin. First step to get Seymour good as gold is to have him neutered. Then we will deal with each issue after that. 
Seymour is going to be up for adoption, but not until he has at least been neutered. 
So if you have any money you can spare towards Seymour, he would greatly appreciate it and love you forever for it!