April 15, 2009

New Secretary for H.A.R.T

I am proud to say that I am the new Secretary for H.A.R.T !!


I love H.A.R.T and all the work that Laurie does ... she is AMAZING!
I adopted Brenda from them, and have supported everything they have done.

What Laurie does is not easy, but she does it VERY well! I admire her hard work and determination. Especially with the huge amount of stray cats that there are.

After adopting Brenda, Laurie and I kept in touch. She got many photos of little Brenda who now grew up to be Big Brenda!

The work she does reminds me so much of my cat Baby who sadly passed away not too long ago. Baby's story is here ... http://ilovesharpei.blogspot.com/2009/02/rip-baby.html

I had to catch her, and after catching her, found out she was pregnant and she had kittens under my bed. Had it not been for me ... she would have had those kittens under the old building and it would have continued on.

Anyways, I am HAPPY HAPPY I can do this for Laurie! :)

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