April 7, 2009

Five random things about Chloe, Rinaldo, and Pickles!

We've been tagged by the Splorin' Wolfies! We need to list 5 random things about ourselves :)


1. I am very lazy and like to sleep in ... usually my mom has to drag me out the door in the morning to go pee.

2. I am a picky eater, and like to get my Mom worried by not eating - sometimes two days at a time, I try telling her I am regulating my weight but she worries too much.

3. I hate getting my nails cut. As a puppy I screeched and screamed when this was done ... then I was a good girl about it. But now I am going back to my screechy ways about it. I am a big girl now & I like having nice long nails ... Mom doesn't like that though.

4. I have an obsession over hair elastics. Brenda and Roxy (my kitty sisters) love to carry them in their mouths and bat at them, so one day I checked out what it was and OMG they are so much FUN!!! I love to hold it in my paw and pull up with my mouth, but you have to be careful you don't let go because it HURTS when it pings your nose/mouth - I still love them even though they can be hurtful!

5. I don't like to cuddle. Sometimes I will tolerate it a little, but usually I'd rather not.


1. I may look like a boucy, energetic lab, but really with that tiny bit of mastiff in me, I am VERY calm, laid back, and a big love muffin.

2. My mom got me when I was 5 weeks old, she says I was too young to leave my dog mommy then ... but Chloe helped to teach me the proper things as I grew up :)

3. I love the water, and have already fallen into a few rivers.

4. I get bossed around. If Pickles gets greedy and wants the toy, I give up easy and just let him have it.

5. When my mom got me @ 5 weeks old I was 8 -9 pounds ... so small! Now at 4 1/5 months I weigh 41 lbs!


1. Before I was 11 - 12 weeks old I had 3 different homes. My forever home here with Chloe, Rinaldo, and the kitties is my 4th and final home.

2. I hate the rain/snow/cold. Mom has to work hard to get me outside in that type of weather!

3. I might look black, but really I have brown fur on my underside/legs. This makes me that much more good looking!

4. I am the CUDDLE KING! If you'll let me in your lap, I'll be in heaven!!

5. I like to be bossy and tell everyone what to do. Also you should give me all your treats and toys. They're all MINE! Mom says this isn't allowed, but meh, who listens to their Mom?


The 'splorin' Wolfies said...

omg! awesome! and so true! i laughed so hard, the pictures you pick seem to sum up their personalities perfectly! here is what i have to add

Chloe--i LOVE honda ELEMENTS! i like to sit up front and let the wind blow in my hair! if pickles tries to get up with me, i will just push him over

Rinaldo--i am so adorable and loyal and sensitive and cuddly that i will convert a not-so-crazy-about-labs-person into a I-use -to love-the Shar Pei's best-until-i took -one-look-into -your soul person

Pickles-- i am just funny. and my fur will give you a rash.

love saige and guinness

Luna & Penny said...

hahaha so funny and cute!