April 7, 2010

Rinaldo's new buddy Jake

Rinaldo has a new best friend!
Jake was adopted from the Kings County SPCA by a friend of mine. Him and Rinaldo LOVE to play all the time.
Pickles and Chloe? Meh, they find Jake a little big and rough for them. Although Chloe likes to be quite BOSSY to poor Jake, and she is also the "too rough patrol" ... anything gets too rough and she is in there trying to break it up.

This is after playing with Jake. They get quite exhausted LOL!

Rinaldo and Jake carrying a stick together

We actually got them all to sit still for a picture ..

Pickles say .. umm ok maybe you can have the stick afterall ..

Chloe and Pickles aren't water dogs ... so they feel left out when Jake and Rinaldo hop into the water!

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