January 17, 2010

Tired after a long walk ...

Today I took the dogs back to the trails on Tremont Mountain Rd. They love it there. There are usually other dogs to play with ... which is great for Rinaldo ... Chloe on the other hand would rather try to eat them then play.

So here are the pictures after we got home!

They sure are tired!!!

But wait a minute ... I only took two dogs on a walk, poor Pickles had to stay home because his leg is bad. Why is he so tired? It must have been super hard work staying at home and guarding the house! Which he wasn't doing ... because when we walked in the door, he was sleeping! What a lazy Pickle!


hero said...

That must be a good workout judging from the tiredness... a good walk maketh a happy dog :) and I believe Pickle wasn't lazy, just in deep thought.

Licks, hero

Chloe and Libby said...

Pickles was just dreaming of being out there on the trails with the others. We are all like Chloe, we'd just soon eat another doggie than sniff it. Bad to the bone eh?