January 18, 2010

Rinaldo and his eye

Rinaldo has had an eventful week.

After his eye swelled up, and a week of putting drops from the vet in & still no relief in the swelling ... yesterday he was put under for an eye exploratory to see what was wrong with his eye.

I got the call yesterday from the vet that it is an ulcer. They did the surgery on him then. That consisted of scraping his eyeball and sewing his third eyelid over his eyelid.

But then when he woke up, he pulled his eye in and the third eyelid was attached to a piece of iv tube above his eye to keep it over his eyeball ... well the iv tube was now in the middle of his eye.

Today he had to go back and get put back under anesthesia to get the piece of tube put higher above his eye. Then in a week we go back for a recheck, then a week after that he goes back for more anesthesia to get the sutures removed.

Poor Rinaldo!

And that is a good lesson to NOT let any eye problems go unchecked. Had I said meh, the swelling and tearing will go away on its own ... I would have had a blind Rinaldo.

We were lucky and caught it really fast so he has no vision damage.

As for Pickles' saving jar for his leg surgery? Nearly drained.

Oh well, what can you do but just start saving up again. Better than having a blind Rinaldo that's for sure!

Here is Rinaldo on Monday ... you can see the IV tube is right in his eye instead of above it

Here is Rinaldo Tuesday, process redone, and you can see the IV tube is above his eye where it belongs so his eye can heal correctly.


hero said...

Here's wishing Rinaldo a speedy recovery on his eye.

Licks, hero

The 'splorin' Wolfies said...

GACK!!!!!!!! MY BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The 'splorin' Wolfies said...

i fostered groucho--then my best friend fell in love with him and applied for adoption. he is really wacky--lol. you can read his entire sad story if you go back far enough in my bloggy

miss ya

Ang said...

Poor baby!!!

If this was my Cash I would have been balling my eyes out. lol

Wishing Rinaldo a quick recovery!