January 5, 2010

Rhapsody needs your help!


Rhapsody was found wandering the streets of Texas City. If her owners don't come for her soon she will be in need of a new home. Will you give Rhapsody a chance? She does not like being in the shelter.

Good news! Merlin's Hope is helping Rhapsody! They just need to raise some more money to pay for flight to Canada. Can you help?

"Rhapsody in Blue was found wandering the streets of Texas City. She had no ID, no mircochip and no one came to claim her.

Many shelters can only hold dogs for limited amounts of time, and Rhapsody's time ran out. She is facing euthanasia if someone doesn't claim her immediately.The local rescues are full. MerlinsHope has offered her refuge with hopes that she can go on to a better life some where.

We are having her spayed, health checked and brought up to date with her shots. She will have to fly here by air.If you can help please support our Chip In for Rhapsody."

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