January 6, 2010

Baby - available for adoption in Ontario

Of course there are no Shar Pei available for adoption in NS ... but here is one available in Ontario. What a cutie ... I think he needs a more manly name though!

Here is a cute guy named Baby. He is available from the Ontario SPCA York Region Branch. Newmarket Ontario - Phone # - 905-898-7122, ext 306

"If I like you...Can I keep you?" I am secure and happy with myself, but...life is meant for two (or more)!! I certainly have my own views and ideas on things but I might be convinced to agree with you or follow your lead if you present a good case! Every day a can be like a fresh start, no baggage. There's a little magic in sharing a good laugh or a job done well with a friend. That's what I'm looking for. I'm hoping to find that special someone that will make me strive to better myself but not change who I am. Sure I have some things I can work on but doesn't everyone? I may have an irresistible face that lends one to want to "squish" it, but please don't display such embarrassing antics; I've got my dignity to uphold! I'm looking for a mature home that knows my breed. I'm good with other dogs and you can bet that once you grab my heart you'll have my loyalty for keeps. Come take some time to get to know me. Like I said .... If I like you, can I keep you!?!

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