March 20, 2009

Shar Pei Meet Wolfhounds In Kingston, NS

So finally at last my pooches got to meet the Splorers!
Here is their blog: Check it out!

They are always Splorin' ! We had a blast!
We went to a small park nearby called Clairmont Park. Very peaceful, and tons of fun for the dogs.

Chloe decided from the get go that these tall creatures MUST be horses! (We have two mini horses two houses down from out house and when we walk by Chloe gets very excited).

So from when she first saw them she decided she was going to act very bossy and very over the top. What a silly girl. Saige and Guiness took it well though, when in all reality they should have been telling her off LOL.

Rinaldo and Pickles just loved these big gentle giants! Pickles decided since he was little he would bark to get their attention. hahaha they still ignored him. So then he climbed onto the picnic table so he was the same height, then he could see their PRETTY faces!!!

Here are the pictures :)


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