March 7, 2009

Chloe's Warts

Well I was cruising the internet searching for warts on dogs and any info on them.


Because Chloe has two big ones on her FACE! Yick!

The vet wasn't too worried about them, he said he'd remove them in the future if they were still there...he thinks they may go away on their own.

So I was just reading up on them .. and then scared myself to death!


Because I seen this!!!!

Who wouldn't be scared after see that!
Apparently the guy got a cut, then got a wart and they kept growing and growing. The poor guy. They also said there are people who were trying to help him, so hopefully by now he is back to normal.
But I got thinking ... what if that happens to Chloe!?!? Her warts are growing, what if more come and then more! She will become the next TREE DOG! (They called this guy the TREE MAN)
Here is a Youtube video on the "Tree Man" in case your interested.
Let's hope Chloe's warts stay at what it is now!!

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