March 17, 2009

New Items!

Well ...

I just got an email saying I just bought some new items.
But I haven't bought anything!!

So I look and it is from my favorite blog - LULU AND LOLLY!

I see what I ordered and I ordered a new t shirt and 2 new calanders!

I never ordered this....

So I go looking around on their blog, ( HERE IS THEIR FUNNY BLOG )and see this posting! I figured out who ordered these things.


written by Melissa Bailey, March 17, 2009
Lulu & LoLLy

its me chloe! i wuz able to get on the humanz puter! she shows me ur site all da time but nevers lets me on! so now i am on ... and loves ur ideas of using human card that buys thingz. so i used my humanz one and boght myslf a new shirt and 2 new calanders, i was nice enugh to order humanz one too! i cant wait to get my order! humanz will be happy too i bet! got 2 go ... my little bruthers are tryin to chew this puter .. i will get in truble i know if they do chew it so got 2 get them way from it
love ur wrinkle friend CHLOE

Looks like Chloe decided we needed to have 2 more calanders and a t shirt. Pink, her FAVORITE colour!

Right now she is doing a happy dance! Excited as ever ... at first I didn't know why .. but now I do!
I checked out their items I .. well Chloe .. bought and looks good!

Here is the tshirt, it comes in pink or purple, VERY cute!


And this is the HILARIOUS calander!!!


I know I ... Chloe ... will enjoy our .. her .. items :)

We love the Lulu and Lolly blog ... it gives us a good laugh everyday!

Good job Lulu and Lolly!!


The 'splorin' Wolfies said...

lol i love bustin a gut with you over LuLu & LoLLy

LuLu and LoLLy! said...

Dear Outstsanding Friendz, We were so overwhelmed by your hilarius post that we had to do the Two Paws UP! dance all around the office until we past out. And then we did it again! You are truly 2 awesome you have made our days! And also, we are going to put in an egstra big kiss for you in your packig. And also, we are so happy that you support the rescuing causes due to the fact of which LoLLy was a rescue and now lives with us and despite the limitashons on the choklit and the snoring of the Humans (HOW CAN A GIRL GET A GOOD NITE'S SLEEP) it is better with the home. And also, Chloe, we would like to have a further distkushon with you about meny important matters, including anti-wrinkle creams, which will we call you about. Thank you so much for your making our days! Love, your PaLs, LuLu and LoLLy!

mwoodward862 said...

Why does Chloe need a calendar? Is her life really that busy? Cotton loves you!