March 13, 2009

Pickles has a TWIN!

I found Pickles twin!

Cruising Amazon looking for a Shar Pei item to buy I found THIS picture for sale!

LOOKS totally like Pickles!!!!

But no, here is the real boy hehe.


Ang said...

Thanks for the info on the dog food! I wish I knew about that site before. Yeah I was leaning toward the Legacy because the other has so many grains. Hopefully Global Pet Foods carry it!

melgeo126 said...

No problem :)
It's a fantastic site.
Even if they don't carry the Legacy I think because they have their other food there that you could ask them to order it in.
Sometimes they will, sometimes not. Usually they will :)
I don't have any horizon at all at my Global store, not even the one full of grains so no luck for me.

Patricia said...

I just spent a couple of days with pro golfer, Cristie Kerr. She has an adorable Shar Pei named Baily. I really fell in love with the breed!