March 26, 2009

Best Dressed Dogs - Collars

I decided the pooches needed some new collars. I had heard about these neat collars before, but wasn't in the market for a new collar - BUT - now I am!

SO! I just ordered two collars! One for Pickles (who is outgrowing his pink small one) and one for Chloe whose over a year old collar that we bought online ($$ went to a Shar Pei rescue) is now getting old and worn.

These collars are great because a percentage of the money goes to a rescue!

Soooooo! Here are their new collars! This is the link to the collars, they are available in different widths.

Pickles is getting this funky fun one because he is a silly goofy boy!

And Chloe is getting this cutesy one!!
Unfortunately Rinaldo still has some growing to do before he outgrows his!


Anonymous said...

ohhh I love Chloe' pretty!!

Libby said...

I love Chloe's collar , it's sooo pretty and will look great on her.