March 19, 2009

Dog eats $400

I read this story ...

Dog eats $400 in cash

By BANG Bizarre

APEX, N.C. — A North Carolina family are attempting to retrieve $400 of cash swallowed by their dog.

Kelley Davis’ greater Swiss mountain dog, Augie, swallowed $400 cash she had left on her dresser table at home.

Since then Kelley, 42, and her family have been monitoring the dog’s toilet habits closely in order to retrieve as much of the lost money as possible.

A suitable time after swallowing the cash Kelley took Augie for a walk and in his droppings she found the remains of three $100 bills and five $20 notes.

She said: “I grabbed the garden hose and shouted ‘kids, get the colander’ – I’m out there panning for gold.”

Davis has so far retrieved remnants of $160, which she is hoping to exchange for new bills.

US federal rules state a note can be replaced if more than 50 percent of a bill is identifiable.

Yikes! At first I laughed. Then I put myself in their shoes. That's a bit of an amount of money to be eating!!
Oh gosh, and then the digging part. That's pleasant!

Lesson learned for the humans LOL!!!!

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