March 8, 2009

Children Torturing Dogs

Wow.... is really all I can say.
Sick sick sick people.

Last update - 13:32 08/03/2009

Rahat man videotapes children burning dogs alive

By Yanir Yagana, Haaretz Correspondent

During recent months, children in the southern town of Rahat, near Be'er Sheva, have taken up a new and cruel pastime ? burning dogs alive. A resident of the predominantly Bedouin city, Salam al-Huzeil, recently filed a complained with the police over the new phenomenon, but said that they did not heed his complaint due to lack of proof. Al-Huzeil decided to provide the police with proof, and videotaped some children burning a dog alive on his digital camera.

According to Al-Huzeil, the children habitually pour gasoline or another accelerant on the dog's fur and then set them on fire. He adds that the hobby does not end with burning the dogs' fur, but that in some cases the children tie the dogs up to a pole and cut off their legs, leaving them crippled.

"This is a terrible thing, a really ugly phenomenon," said al-Huzeil. "How can you set a dog on fire while it's still alive? These children's behavior is really disgusting. It cannot be that everyone turns a blind eye and no one does anything about it." Al-Huzeil added that he complained with the Rahat police, but that so far nothing has been done to stop the phenomenon.

Then there was this news story ...

Last update - 11:46 24/02/2009

Teen suspected of killing hundreds of cats in various 'murder scenarios'

By Yuval Goren, Haaretz Correspondent

An 18-year-old from Petah Tikva was arrested Monday night on suspicion of having killed hundreds of cats in various "murder scenarios" for his own personal satisfaction.

In his interrogation, the suspect admitted that he had recently begun planning to murder a human, having been inspired by a Russian television program about a serial killer.

At the culmination of a series of investigative moves, the police detained the teen on Monday and brought him in to the Petah Tikva police headquarters for questioning. The teen initially denied the charges, but quickly confessed and began recounting his actions over what police suspect spans the last nine years.

According to the suspect's testimony, he began torturing and killing animals when he was nine years old and still living in his native Russia. He said that the first animal he had killed was a mouse, and after that he began to butcher cats that he found in the city.

At first he did this once a month, or once every two months, but recently he had escalated to killing cats every day. "We're talking about hundreds of cats and animals that he would butcher, from 2000 until today," said one of the police officers involved in the investigation. The suspect said that he felt an uncontrollable urge to kill, and that he derived satisfaction and pleasure from killing cats. He added that after killing he felt confident and inspired. As the interrogation progressed, the suspect told investigators that he had recently begun to feel bored with killing cats, and had considered killing humans.

"He decided that killing cats wasn't satisfying him anymore, and according to his testimony he was inspired by a Russian television program about a murderer who killed 60 people," said the police officer. The teen told investigators that he had planned to murder homeless people, primarily. He even planned to lure his victims with alcohol, bring them to a secluded alley, and kill them there. According to his testimony, he told one of his friends about his plans and invited him to "partake in the first murder of a human being."

At the conclusion of the interrogation, which lasted through the night, the investigators searched the suspect's home and recovered a military knife, apparently purchased for the purpose of killing cats, and a choking noose with hard handles meant for choking from behind. The teen was to be brought before a judge in Petah Tikva on Tuesday, where police was to ask for extension of his remand on charges of killing animals, torturing animals, conspiracy to commit a crime and soliciting a crime.

They were also planning to ask the judge to order a psychiatric examination of the suspect. "The arrest of the suspect prevented the murder of a human being, that is clear to us," said the police officer. Some two years ago, a similar case surfaced in Petah Tikva, in which police arrested an 18-year-old city resident on suspicion that he had murdered two homeless people.

In his interrogation, the suspect confessed that he had also killed 500 stray cats.

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