October 13, 2009

MacBeths Grooming and Boarding Kennels RAVE!

I usually feed the dogs Orijen dog food. Having two Shar Pei means having to have a premium food ... Orijen is great food that way!
We live in Greenwood Nova Scotia, on the base.
Closest pet store? New Minas! ... which is 30 - 40 minutes away.

So we do the drive to New Minas (usually JUST for dog food) every 1 - 2 weeks for a 30 lb bag of food.
Well I started getting tired of it.

I knew for sure there were no closer pet stores. I looked on the food websites to see if they showed another location closer, but nothing.

We might be boarding one or all of the dogs for Christmas when we go to Newfoundland (how I will be able to leave them I am not sure!!!!!) so I was on MacBeths website. I saw the tab that said Pet Supplies ... oh cool.
And what do they sell? Taste of the Wild dog food!
It is a good premium food as well, same as Orijen.

So now we go for a 5 minute drive to MacBeths Grooming and Boarding Kennels to get our new food and no more half hour or more drive!

Here is the website!


The 'splorin' Wolfies said...

welcome back to the blog world! hehehe! i LOVE NFLD! why not take them with you?

melgeo126 said...

If we drive we may take them with us. Thing is we are staying with my BFs family so they may not be so welcoming to THREE dogs lol. But if we can we will.
But if we fly then they will have to stay :(
Christmas just WON'T be the same without them!!!!!

Chloe and Libby said...

It's really great that you found someplace sooooo close to you for the food!
I hope you get to take the guys with you. You will miss them as much as they will miss you if not.