April 27, 2011

Dog sitting a Weimaraner!

We are dog sitting Sophie the Weimaraner for three weeks while her owner goes away for work. She fits in well with the pack! She is very active, much more then my four hehe!


torrey said...

Not to be a bummer but none of your four dogs are true chinese shar-peis they are all the american version they are cute and cuddley dogs but not traditional. the original sharpeis looked alot thinner and less wrinkley. if you would like more info contact me at ttorreyhudson@gmail.com.

melgeo126 said...

They are still Shar Pei. I know there is the meat mouth and the bone mouth (American/traditional) but they are all still Shar pei. Just like there are beat coats, flowered and mini Shar Pei. They're not like the original but they're all still Shar Pei.

Nancy and my Weimaraner said...

Hey Sophie, did you enjoy your cute Sharpei baby sitters? I bet they also had fun taking care of you while your master is away.