January 10, 2011

Chloe - renal failure

Christmas Eve Chloe got a fever. 
It went through Christmas Day and everything went downhill from there. 
Chloe is in renal failure and we almost lost her New Years Eve. 

She seems to be on the mend, just need to get 10-15 lbs back on her and she will be good to go. 
The sad part about renal failure is that we have no idea how long we have left with her. Could be a week, could be months, or could be years. But we try not to think about that, and just enjoy every moment we can with her. 
She has been going for sub q fluids every day. Before that it was IV. She was on IV for three days in a row and we reran her blood work and there was no improvement. 
That night (New Years Eve) we spent the whole evening/night laying with her and crying. Telling her how much we love her. She looked and acted awful. I woke up every so often throughout the night and held my hand on her to make sure she was still breathing. 

But alas, she is a fighter, and the next morning she seemed a little bit perky. It has been a roller coaster of emotion, that's for sure! One day she'd be good, next she didn't. One day I'd be crying tears of sadness, the next it'd be tears of joy that she are a little piece of meat or something. We spent a lot of time syringe feeding her, syringing water to her. 

The ladies at Greenwood Animal Hospital took VERY good care of her! They love her there (she loves them) and have done so much for her so far. 

But like I said, she seems to be recovering. We have her on Azodyl for her kidneys. She has been eating and drinking on her own, and very active.

Now every little thing she does I cherish so much more, knowing time is limited, and almost losing her made me realize some things I have always wanted to do with/for her throughout her life that now I will be doing sooner rather then later. 

One of those things? Professional photos with her. 

I got to wear cool coloured bandages where they capped off my IV for the night

 Still trying to stay positive

 I liked my pink hearts bandage - it sure did suit me!

 This picture was after I had to go in and get my IV removed. Late in the evening my foot started swelling, so we had to go to the vet and get the bandage and IV off.

 Orange bandage!

 My Moms been doing a lot of mushy stuff lately, like always hugging and kissing me, and taking naps with me

 I seem to be doing better! I have more energy, enjoy my food now, and like drinking water. Here I am looking out the window for any intruders!


Lois Lane/Laney said...

I'm so sorry to hear this!
I hope there are more good days than bad ahead, Chloe.
You are a lucky pup to have a family that loves you so much!

Anonymous said...

How is Chloe doing now. I have same situation with my girl. Nearly a month we are fighting for her life. She lost a lot of weight, 18 kg now. Any other treatment you will recommend. I am losing my hope. Sheril

Paul said...

I love my bear coat shar pei so so much!! He has renal kidney failure and has good and bad days! I sleep with him every night just to be near him! He was being fed through a feeding tube for 3 weeks but has now started eating food on his own again, luckily enough because his tube came out on his own! He has always been a fussy eater and will not eat the special renal diet food, he will only eat chicken and steak so far! But I'm worried about the high protien levels in this food...? He is about 3-4 kilos of his normal weight :-( any advice or tricks to get him interested in his renal diet food would be much appreciated...? He has been my best friend for 8yrs and has been such a lovely well behaved dog! Can't tell you how devasted I am over this!! 3wks a go I thought I was gonna have to put him to sleep but he has started to fight it and is looking more perky lately but as any shar pei owner knows that could all change in an hour! My shar pei is yogi

Thanks for listening