January 20, 2011

We have our camera back!

The camera stopped working so we had to send it away to get fixed under warranty ... well good news! After about a month and a half being camera less ... we now have it back!

Enjoy the latest photos :


sophie...^5 said...

Welcome to my blog...lovin' those wrinkles! I had a friend in Vancouver years ago who was owned by a Shar Pei...loved that puppy! Cheers!

Bay Girl said...

Awwww... love your pictures of Chloe! and the others... So sweet.

Elizabeth said...

I was just reading about Chloe and her health issues. I also own a sharpie. His name is Oreo and he is 7 years old. I got Oreo from the Gumby's surprise Kennels Mansfield Ontario. Oreo is presently very sick. On Thursday mar 10 I was informed that Oreo has advance kidney failure. Since I received the bad news I have been heart broken. I can relate to what you said about the feeling of frustration not knowing how long Oreo has left. The vet has given us no hope of recovery. Today I took Oreo for a walk and he appeared to be his old self, chasing squirrels and when we returned home he was full of energy. However an hour later Oreo laid down and appeared not to be feeling well. He has slept all day and again I am thinking the worse. It was comforting to read in your blog that your dog Chloe got better following a period of Being sick.