February 18, 2009

Hannah Needs A Home

Click HERE for Hannah's story off Petfinder.

Here is the Rescue Organization Merlin's Hope who is helping her - click HERE for their website.

On to Hannah!

She is a cutie needing a home.

I had once considered adopting her back when I was looking for a second Shar Pei ... but she is in Quebec so it is a long distance. They offered to drive her to me which was fantastic! But we didn't know how she and Chloe & the cats would get along. It would be a very long drive and then for it to possibly not work out would be sad.

I also now see that they have her listed as not getting along with cats. So I guess she wouldn't have been a good fit in my home because I have two.

I hope she finds a home soon though!!

Her contact info:

Please contact Dawn Culbert (dawnspei@gmail.com) for more information about this pet.

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