February 17, 2009

Pickle's Arrival

Ah, the story of Sour Pickles.

The silly little guy has quite the story indeed!

This all happened about two weeks after I got Rinaldo .. Early January 2009.

Where he was born, or when, is unknown. What we do know is that he was boughten from a breeder by an elderly lady, not sure how long she had him but sometime after that she became ill and was not able to care for him ... and no friends/family were up for it either.

So, a lady adopts him. Her and her Husband were looking for a new dog/pup. She brings Sour Pickles home ... thinking the husband will love him like she does. But, no. Husband HATES the pup. Doesn't want it around at all, unless it lived outside. Well Sour Pickles is a horsecoat Shar Pei (which is the shortest hair length of them -
see here for descriptions) and he would not last long out there. Luckily she did the right thing and didn't leave him to live outside.

Originally I had gotten the call that he had found a new home -GREAT! Hours later ... gosh ... another phone call. Umm new home isn't working out. What!?! He JUST went there!!!!
So I went to get him.

Haha...Sour Pickles is a funny little guy ... definitly unique. He has quite a goofy personality. He also LOVES to cuddle (something Chloe rarely does). Luckily all three get along great! And both pups have a great role model (Chloe).

So originally I was going to foster Pickles until I got him out of his bad habits (he was approximately 11-12 weeks old when I recieved him) .. he wasn't housetrained, had a BAD biting problem and put a little nasty gash on my finger, is toy/bone/food aggressive, and was skitterish. So once his little bad habits were gone/bettered I would begin looking for a new home for him. Well biting is back to normal puppy biting, skitterishness is gone, he is less food/bone/toy aggressive, and we are working on housetraining. He hates the coldness outside so I usually have to carry him out to go to the bathroom...he's not a fan.

But ... he fit in so well with the family, I've decided to keep him.

So far I have discovered that Pickles is allergic to gelatin. He got a tiny bit of jello once and got hives, and eyes swelled shut. I gave him benedryl and all better. Well a few days later ... some more smaller hives ... and itchyness. What was it? I was giving him Omega 3 capsules and they were enclosed in gelatin. If he had never gotten that jello I would never have though it was the pills.

First Night

My Chair!

Meeting Charlie

Allergic reactin to gelatin :(

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