February 17, 2009

Shar Pei in Kingston, Nova Scotia

Chloe likes to represent!
We live in Kingston, in the Annapolis Valley ... I absolutely love it and really don't think I will leave it anytime soon.

If you see this sign while driving: you're close to where Chloe lives!
Look down at the bottom and you see tiny little Chloe (or at least tiny compared to the sign!)

We walk parallel to the highway, nice walking trails (made by atvs). Also a trail beside a river. I am lucky I have good listening pooches ... I can allow them to run offleash. It's perfect!

It also connects over to the trail that was made out of the old abandoned railway along the number 1... another great trail!

I know in the spring/summer Rinaldo is really going to love the river! He was already was tempted to jump in!

Guess I should add some pictures of this fun trail!

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Anonymous said...

i love that you love the valley!!!! me too girl! i have some amazing secret trails i have to show you. we'll have to walk our crew together soon! yeah, i saw Buttercup's nose over in Joan's blog and fell on the floor again. jani