February 18, 2009

Oh you have a mastador!!

A what!?!

Apparently I own something with a dinosaur like name - what the heck is it that I own that is named that??



I guess a lab / mastiff cross is called "Mastador" in the designer breed world.

Wowsers... almost sounds like matador.
Sounds like it should be a type of dinosaur!

So I found this
Oh boy ...
"Shadow the Mastador at 15 months old weighing 101 pounds"

...guess that's close to the size of a dinosaur LOL.

Some of the puppy pictures on that website look almost identicle to Rinaldo's puppy pictures.

I am happy though. I wanted a big dog, and when I heard lab/mastiff I figured he'd grow big.
I had another lab mixed dog for awhile last year before he went back to his original owners and he was ammmmazing. I loved him so much.

I think they will look similar.

So ... I guess I own a mastador.
I think I'll continue calling him a lab/mastiff cross.

Or how about just Rinaldo?

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