February 13, 2009

My First Shar Pei Rescue/Foster

Boo Boo had been living at the Kings County Dog Pound for a couple months - summer 2007. He is a male bearcoat Shar Pei. An email was sent out over the CSPCC group, myself and another member went right away to see him. We couldn't believe he had been there so long! I agreed to foster him and Heather agreed to pay for needles/neuter. We had great help from another breeder located in PEI who did an auction on a painting. Boo Boo was such a sweet, loving, happy go lucky dog. He has an amazing temperment and good manners. We will always wonder what his story was ... the Dog Catcher had picked him up from a family who found him running around their wooded area for awhile. It was a very rural area and a known area for dog dumping so we believe he may have been dumped there - but for sure we will never know what happened.
Boo Boo's eyes were a bit bad, and he drooled TONS.
Here are some pictures of him before .. :

Boo Boo went to his new home in Truro. His adopted Mommy - Valerie - fell in love with him back when I first acquired Boo Boo. He now lives a luxurious life with two other dogs and lots of love. He also has a new name - Mooki. Mooki certainly is looking a lot better in these pictures in his new forever home:

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