February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day & BYB's

What an eventful day.
The doggies all got their treats, bones, food, and toys. They were quite excited. And wanted to give me kisses - I declined. After chewing on bully sticks (bull penises) I was quite happy to go without slobbery kisses today.
Today I also went over to see a lady who breeds small breed dogs - Shih Tzu & King Charles Cavalier Spaniel. No, not a new puppy. I wanted to check out the location, and the dogs.
The room I was allowed in was the puppy room. In that room there was:
one spaniel - 8 months old & only ONE set of needles
one Shih Tzu - 6 months old and one set of needles
three Shih Tzu - 5 months old and one set of needles
four - five Shih Tzu - almost 6 weeks old and no mommy with them
three shih tzu - 4 weeks old with their mommy
It was sad.
When I asked her how many other dogs she had ... about 20. Where do they live? In the basement.
They don't get outside to play, run, frolick.
I recorded my whole time there (which was an hour) so I am getting pictures off that and editing the video down so I can upload it.
The spaniels feet/legs stuck out to the side ... Im prety sure that is not normal.
I'll add more to this later ... It is late, I am tired ... and lots more video editing to do!
These pictures I got from the first 15 minutes of the video...more will come soon.

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Anonymous said...

ohhhhh Melissa, i am excited about this wicked a$$ blog! i can't believe you busted DB and her mill lol. i would love to chew on some bull penises!!!!! great stuff! jm