February 18, 2009

One Last Thing Before The End of the Workday - Gas Chambers

Gas chambers.


I am a member of Atlantic Canada Rescue. On their website HERE there are education links. All VERY good things to read.

This one had a statement in it ... (CLICK HERE FOR PAGE)

"Gas chambers are designed for ease of shelter workers, not care and compassion for animals"

Oh boy I love that. It's SO true.
There's a video I've seen, saddest and sickest video of dogs and puppies going into a gas chamber ... I'm going to dig it up after work today and find it and post it.

It also says on the website that some SPCAs in NS still use the gas chamber :(

Too sad!

I will post the video soon.

...time to head home after a long day of work :)


Here is the sad story and video ... it is VERY sad, and disgusting.


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