February 24, 2009

Time Flies!!

Gosh I have been looking at Chloe's puppy pictures (there was another puppy and someone mentioned their pups gr grand dad was chloe's dad was I was comparing photos) and OMG she was HILARIOUS as a pup!

I see her face as a pup, and I see the same expression except now it is on a bigger, less wrinkled body. HAHA.

Like this...
Here we are Winter 07/08 when I first got her:

Then this picture was taken this winter (08/09)

My how she has grown!! :)


Anonymous said...

boy chloe really has changed! it is sad that they loose their wrinkles so much. remember when you told me that and i got really upset--lol jm

melgeo126 said...

hahaha yes I do remember that!
Gosh I remember when I brought that binder of pictures on the day we had training together and you went NUTS!!! LOL.
And you ALMOST met Chloe!! She was out in the parking lot, I had finished writing my training test and I was taking Chloe to the vets and you were still writing your test LOL!!